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S series Makeup brush

#10 (Goat hair) Length :19.1cm Hair : 2cm

#11 Pro Smudge (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :0.6cm

#12 Pro Allover Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.5cm

#13 Pro Angled Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.2cm Hair :1.3cm

#14 Pro Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.3cm

#15 Pro Small Shadow (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :1cm

#16 Pro Domed Crease (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.2cm

#18 Pro Shader (Pony hair) Length:16.2cm Hair :0.7cm

#19 Pro Tapered Crease (Goat hair) Length:19cm Hair :1.8cm

#20 Pro Brow (Dog hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :0.7cm

#22 Pro Angled Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :0.8cm

#24 Pro Smoky Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:18cm Hair :1cm

#26 Pro Gel Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.4cm Hair :0.65cm

#27 Pro Blending (Goat hair) Length:18.4cm Hair :1.8cm

#28 Pro Cream Shadow (Synthetic hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.3cm

#29 Pro Precision Smudge (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :1cm

#30 Pro Airbrush shadow (Synthetic hair) Length:18.5cm Hair :1.3cm

#31 Pro Airbrush Crease (Synthetic hair) Length:18.9cm Hair :1.9cm

#32 Pro Tightline Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17cm Hair :0.4cm

#33 Pro Tapered Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :0.7cm

#36 Pro Brow Contour (Synthetic hair) Length:17.8cm Hair :0.5cm

#45 Pro Precision Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :1.5cm

#52 Pro Stippling Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :1.7cm

#80 Pro Contour highlight (Synthetic hair) Length:18.8cm Hair :1.7cm

#81 Pro Lip (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :1cm

#84 Pro Angled Lip (Synthetic hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :1cm

#93 Pro Featherweight blending (Synthetic hair) Length:21.6cm Hair :5cm

#98 Pro highlight (Pony hair) Length:19.8cm Hair :2.8cm

#57 Pro Airbrush Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:18.8cm Hair :2cm

Brush Material

Goat Hair, Synthetic Hair, Horse Hair


1 piece

Model Number

S series


Different size

Used With

Eye Shadow

Handle Material


Item Type

Makeup Brush


Black handle


Synthetic hair with wood handle


Pro Makeup brushes


Eyeshadow, eye lip liner, eyebrow, concealer, crease, blending, shadow brush